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How Industrial Mist Cooling Systems Are A Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacing Humidification Systems in a Warehouse


Cooling a large warehouse efficiently can present a challenge, especially cost-wise. Our services offer many different options to bring the temperature down while using low levels of energy. Our products are built with only the highest quality of parts, allowing you to keep temperature, humidity, and dust under control in your warehouse. Continue reading

How Industrial Misting Systems Affordably Control Dust and Odor


Controlling dust and unpleasant odors is often a big issue in industrial settings. One of the most affordable and reliable methods available to deal with both issues is the installation of a high pressure misting system. Many newer industrial facilities are already being designed to incorporate the benefits of a dust control misting system or fog system, and the usefulness of the technology has influenced many existing facilities to adopt misting in their existing operations. Continue reading

How a Misting Cooling System Benefits Seniors by Staying Cool in Record Summer Heat


This July has been the hottest on record for the many areas, and other places in various states have also had incessant days of more than 100 degrees. The recent break in the hot weather has been, for many in the state, quite a welcome relief. However for some older people, the heat is still going to be a threat. This summer, even with the slight cooling spell, Utah is still seeing record high temperatures. Continue reading

How to Beat the Heat with a Residential High Pressure Misting System


Remember when you were a kid and the only way you could “cool off” during those torrid summer months was spraying each other with a “blast” from the backyard garden hose that produced a nozzle spray so hard it could knock you over? We’ve all had that experience, and if the spray hit you in the face, well, the screaming call went out to your mother who was in the kitchen baking cookies. Continue reading