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The Top Ways to Use Residential Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems


With the innovation of strong force residential misting systems, the landscaper thinking outside the box can utilize this advanced scientific knowledge to not only reduce the heat of the outside environment, but also as a device to design astonishing artistically enchanting nooks throughout and around the landscape.

To achieve the above-mentioned look, the following areas are excellent places to explore:

To create an appearance of fog flowing from trees, place residential misting systems high in treetops. To achieve this effect, a tree of moderate height, for instance 35 feet, can contain about 5 to 10 mist spouts put into its canopy producing a mystical fog. Adding low watt lighting, in addition to a timer could create an awe-inspiring powerful effect for celebrations, BBQ’s, and other functions.

Mounting low outdoor mist cooling system nozzles on lit walkways weaving about the landscape or down a landscaped pathway into a courtyard adds a dramatic appearance that will certainly charm any homeowner. Spacing these nozzles out around every 10 feet will create an eye catching stunning effect.

Adding fog or mist around any fountain or pond is sure to be a hit, and all that is required are a handful of cunningly arranged nozzles to get optimum results. If you are installing a swimming pool, require that the pool installation company put mist fog on waterfalls and level with the water line. Your friends and neighbors will be envious of the spectacular effect this creates and be rushing to create this effect in their own pool.

Hostas, ferns, and the majority of tropical plants can also benefit from misting. The addition of a misting system surrounding or in any flowerbeds will beautify the appearance of any landscape.

Outside trampolines, play houses, and installing an outdoor mist cooling system can cool other areas with play equipment. Kids will stay cool in the oppressive summer months and time spent outdoors will be more enjoyable.

So as you can see, there are numerous uses for this innovative and sensational concept we call mist.