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Greenhouse Misting Systems

Misting systems used in greenhouses have shown favorable improvements for plant health. A stable misting system can provide daily nutrition to plants that are already under the stresses of indoor living. Plants will struggle to survive and a misting system can alleviate many of the normal problems seen in greenhouses. An industrial favorite, Rapid Cool provides evaporative mist cooling systems for home and business use. Larger industrial greenhouses implement the use of these systems to prevent plant decay and disease often seen in an enclosed growing environment.

Controlling the Environment with Greenhouse Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems

The environment of a greenhouse can become very unstable during various times of the day and night. Controlling the internal environment can present a challenge. Growers can face quickly rising temperatures that stress plants. Higher temperatures also decrease humidity in the air and can increase the stress. With dry and hot conditions, many plants may wither and stop growing. Once a plant has stopped maturing, it may be impossible to revive. A mist fogging system can provide a cooling mist that will lower temperatures and maintain proper humidity levels.

Stable Fog for Greenhouses with Water Mist Systems

Rapid Cool misting systems are designed to create a stable fog that maintains temperatures and conditions favorable to plants. The mist will also feed plants through their leaves and can be used to utilize fertilizers for improved growing conditions. Plants breathe and eat through their leaves and also their roots. Maintaining the supply of necessary moisture to a plant's leaves is just as important as watering the root system. The entire plant system needs support that is easily provided with water mist systems.

Using Misting Fans as a Mist Fogging System for Greenhouses

Fans placed in various locations of the greenhouse can also help to stabilize the growing environment. Too much humidity can also be harmful to some plants and misting fans can improve air circulation and reduce humidity. Air circulation creates a normal environment and aides in the growing process. Some areas of the greenhouse may need less humidity depending on the plant layout. You can adjust your environment with strategically placed fans to improve plant health.

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