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Sports Cooling Misting Fans Reduce Heat Related Injuries

Sports practice and games take place during some of the hottest months of the year. With temperatures rising each year, the risks for overheating, heat stress, and even heat stroke are increasing. A heat wave can strike at any time any given year. According to the latest research by the University of North Carolina's National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, several high school athletes died due to heat stroke.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concluded that heat illness leads the rank for high school athletes' death and disability in the United States. Due to climate changes, heat waves are more commonplace than ever before, scientists said. This is why it is so important to provide cooling for athletes on the sidelines of games and for practices.

How Mist Cooling for Sidelines and Sports Helps Prevent Risk of Heat Overexposure in Athletes

Misting fans are used to cool and refresh athletes on the bench, sidelines, and in the dugout.

Here's how athlete mist cooling fans benefit you:

  • Reduce unsafe conditions during practice or games by reducing the temperature in the air by as much as 35 degrees wherever the misting fans are located
  • Reduce heat injuries with the lower temperatures from mist cooling fans
  • Reduce the severity of heat injuries in athletes that suffer from a heat illness on the sidelines or during a game. By moving the athlete to where the mist cooling fans or sideline misting fans are located, you can cool their core body temperature to a regular level
  • Reduce liability to you and your business, sports team, or educational institution by providing an effective solution to keep athletes cool

Portable Mist Cooling Fans are Ideal for Sidelines and Sports Practice

We sell portable mist cooling fans that provide adjustable misting features so that you can have it directed at your athletes. Our three-speed fan can be operated with or without mist, and lowers air temperatures by up to 25 degrees. All of our mist fan systems are made with quality materials and priced competitively.

We sell directly to you so that you receive the best value for the best price. We want to help you get the right system for the right price. That is why our expert mist cooling representatives are trained in helping you find the right system to help you with your needs.

Call us at 818-519-2818 toll-free to discuss how you need to cool your athletes and we will help you find the right set up for you.

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