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Most people don't have time to do everything themselves, including finding information about which residential misting systems to choose for their home or commercial mist cooling for their restaurant or warehouse. This is where Rapid Cool can make all the difference by providing expertise to help find the right misting system or cooling fan needed.

Rapid Cool has heard of many customers purchasing the wrong system and then has to return it. At Rapid Cool, we aim to serve you in finding the right indoor or outdoor cooling that you need so that we help save you time, money and energy.

We provide you with quality customer service to help you select the right misting systems and misting fans for your indoor or outdoor cooling. Through a technology known as evaporative mist cooling and flash evaporation, our indoor and outdoor cooling mist systems and cooling fans provide cooling without leaving everything wet. Our lines of patio misters are effective for restaurants to keep customers dry and still refreshed from the outdoor cooling.

Rapid Cool is an American owned and operated company with years of experience helping clients with commercial, restaurant, home, and outdoor cooling. Call us to use our expertise to help you select a cost effective misting system or cooling fans for indoor or outdoor cooling.

These core values and beliefs are reflected in the Rapid Cool Mission Statement:

We are committed to SAVING ENERGY AND PROVIDING COMFORT with innovative, high quality products and services that exceed customer expectations every time. Every employee must be committed to continual improvement of our products, services and processes in order to maintain our position as the world leader in mist cooling technology.

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Call Rapid Cool at 818-519-2818 so we can help you find the right water mist cooling systems you need to cool your patio, home, office, restaurant, and more.

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