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Misting Nozzles for Mist Fogging Systems


All RAPIDCOOL parts are specially designed to make your misting system go together with minimal work. They will give you the best possible result for heavy duty use and a trouble free system.

We have taken our many years of experience and put together a vast selection of parts and fittings at economical prices.

Rapid Cool's mist fogging nozzles are quality products that last for a long time. Our misting nozzles feature the following

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(Continental US Only)

Rapidcool prefabricated mist line is our mark of quality. This type 316L High pressure stainless steel tube is rated to 3000 PSI and is the ultimate for quality and value. Prefabricated nozzle spacing is available to match the application. Custom spacing is also available.

Mist line can be painted to match the surroundings or powder coated in many stock colors. 20 ft lengths are the standard (must ship by common carrier) cut to sizes under 108 inches can be shipped by UPS. Nozzle weld fittings are available in 10/24 nozzle thread sizes and tube can be bent with a standard tube bender.

Part Number RC-Mistline Blank RC-Mistline 18 RC-Mistline 24 RC-Mistline 30 RC-Clmp-742-6 RC-12 Mistline RC-12 Mistline 18 RC-12 Mistline 24
Size 3/8 .3/8x18 .3/8x24 .3/8x30 .3/8 .1/2xblank 1/2x18 1/2x24
Spacing no nozzles 13 nozzles 10 nozzles 8 nozzles Cushion clamp (as shown) no nozzles 13 nozzles 10 nozzles

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