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Which is More Effective for Patio Misting Cooling Systems: High, Medium, or Low Pressure


Installing a new evaporative mist cooling system on your patio is a great way to keep everyone cool during your next family event. There are several different types of systems available ranging from the high pressure, medium pressure and the low pressure misting cooling systems. Here are a few tips to help you decide which system will work best in your backyard.

High Pressure Misting Systems for Patio Misting Cooling

The high pressure misting systems are the most effective at lowering the overall temperature on your patio by as much as thirty-five degrees. During the extreme heat and humidity of the summer the system can really make everyone more comfortable. The high pressure water pump for misting allows the water to instantly turn to mist the second it leaves the nozzles. The lower pressure models are unable to create such a fine mist and you have a better chance of getting wet from those type systems. The high pressure misters produce such a fine spray of water that it is unlikely your clothes will even become wet from the misting.

Effective Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems

In areas of the country with higher humidity levels, the water has a much more difficult time turning to mist and there is the possibility of getting a little wet. The higher the pressure of the cooling system the less likely you will become wet. The higher the pressure, the more water will evaporate. The high pressure misting systems are very common in theme parks, homes and restaurants in the desert and hotels in Las Vegas that experience temperatures over 110 degrees during the summer. The fogging effect from the mist creates a fun atmosphere for kids in many water parks.

Regardless which strength mist cooling system you purchase, you will never get soaking wet from the water coming out of the nozzles. The exception to the rule is if you purchase a system with low grade nozzles that produce large sized water droplets. The finer the spray the less likely you will receive a soaking. The higher the pressure the finer the mist, but regardless which system you purchase you do not have to worry about puddles of water forming on your patio or deck.

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