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An incredible array of designs and stylish setups are available from Rapid Cool Misting Systems. There is a specific system for any need. You receive help for your application from Rapid Cool Misting Systems Company's knowledgeable staff.

We are responsible for innovating extremely effective stainless steel system designs for residential, restaurant misting and cooling and more applications. We offer experience with desirable portable misting methods. All water mist systems outdoor cooling needs are different, so virtually everyone receives a custom product.

The core products of Rapid Cool misting systems are for mist-centered cooling. Rapid Cool’s staff helps you accomplish ultimate comfort and hot season cooling. We can evaluate misting needs and recommend the appropriate system.

Each home and business requires unique misting system types. Light misting for cooling a home or patio is available. New high pressure, commercial-grade system are also a company specialty. This type of evaporative mist cooling system is important and necessary for restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts and other facilities that need efficient cooling without excess moisture.

Rapid Cool is a world-class home mist fogging system company that keeps residents, guests, pets and sensitive items regulated during extreme temperatures. Comfort zone cooling creation is cost effective and reliable.

Rapid Cool misting helps businesses like restaurants capitalize on floor space. At home, Rapid Cool provides a means of recreation freedom during hot weather.

Along with misting for cooling, grades of systems for humidity regulation are preferred for industries and commercial buildings requiring specific climate control. Call us at Rapid Cool and we will produce the best system design for your needs.

Contact Rapid Cool for Help With Your Evaporative Mist Fogging System

Let Rapid Cool be your one stop for evaporative mist cooling systems. We have the experience you need to help you select the right system for your needs. After helping hundreds of clients in a variety of industries and residences, we offer free mist consultations to make sure you are satisfied.

Call us toll-free at 818-519-2818 and speak with one of our expert mist consultants.

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