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Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan Mist Ring

Cooling misting fans are an economical way to cool both large and small areas. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Large fans with oscillators can sweep entire rooms or areas with great results.

Evaporative mist indoor fans are great for machine operators in hot environments such as laundry machines or other operations where heat is generated. A hot warehouse, where personnel assemble or package parts, is another good use.

Mist rings are made of durable stainless steel tube with welded nozzle holders and screw-in replaceable nozzles. Beyond 5-6 ft in front of the fan the air is completely dry (fully evaporated mist) and the air is cooled up to 25 degrees.

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Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan Cooling Misting Fan

Cooling misting fans are available in sizes ranging from 12" to 48" with all types of mountings from pedestal, wall, ceiling, floor or directly mounted to the operators machine.

Both fixed direction or oscillating are common since there are only 4-6 mist nozzles per fan, many cooling misting fans can be operated on one pressure pump over several hundred feet between fans. Entire warehouses or rows of machines can be connected.

Cooling the workplace increases productivity and employee morale. Correctly placed mist cooling fans will cool and NOT wet the surface around it.

Rapid Cool sells evaporative mist cooling fans for indoor and outdoor misting fan applications that provide residential, patio and commercial mist cooling. Rapid Cool's indoor and outdoor misting fans and mist rings are quality products that will are an effective, economical way to keep large or small areas cool.