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At Rapid Cool, we can help design a misting tent application for your needs. If you need to keep your guests cool at your outdoor party or cool zone tent, we can help you. Our outdoor misting fans, parts, and nozzles include high quality stainless steel connections that work together to create a cooling area to keep your guests cool without getting wet.

What Applications Can I Use with Tent Cooling Mist Fans?

Heat in the summer can be intense, causing your guests to sweat. If they are uncomfortable, some guests will leave and not even come to your event. If you have a business and marketing event, no-show guests and guests that leave early cost you money. Don't let that happen to you! Use our tent mist cooling systems to keep your guests cool and event-goers at your event.

  • Having a summer wedding? Use tent mist cooling to keep guests cool and happy. They can enjoy your big day with you and stay cool.
  • Cooking out as a marketing event for your current customers or potential customers? Use a cooling misting system in those hot months to keep people at your place of business.
  • Want to have a special event at your hotel or destination for visitors? A mist cooling system with tent mist cooling will be perfect to keep tourists or locals happy.

Even your wedding planning business can benefit from having a tent with mist cooling. You can help wedding guests stay cool and please the couple by having all of their family and friends around them to enjoy their big day.

Tent mist cooling fans pay for themselves through pulling in new clients by marketing this benefit they receive when they choose your company to work with for their special event. Your company will benefit from including the cooling benefits from choosing to invest in the ability to cool guests.

How Rapid Cool Helps You with Your Tent Outdoor Misting Fan Needs

We have seen many business owners try to pick out their own system. They often find that they buy too strong of a pressure system and wind up with wet tables, if they are trying to select a restaurant system. Some companies have systems online for sale and leave it up to the customer or website visitor to select their system.

If you have not researched what you need or used misting systems before, you may choose more than what you really need. We want to help you get the right system for the right price. That is why our expert mist cooling representatives are trained in helping you find the right system to help you with your needs.

Call us at 818-519-2818 toll-free to discuss your tent cooling needs and we will help you find the right set up for you.

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