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FAQ About Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems


How does misting work?
Heat is essential in order for water to evaporate. It takes 1100 btu of heat to evaporate 1 pound of water. This causes the air to lose heat and be cooler. The typical misting evaporative cooling system will lower the temperature 15-23 degrees.

How much pressure (PSI) does your misting system have?
All of our pumps are set at 1,000 PSI. In our vast experience, we have learned that setting the PSI at 1,000 is the most effective pressure to cause the water to be a fine fog that allows for complete evaporation which keeps our customers cool but not wet.

Are your misting systems easy to install?
Rapid Cool misting evaporative cooling systems are made for easy installation. Rapid Cool includes instructions for installation of your misting system and our customer Service department is always available to walk you through any phase of installation by simply calling 818-519-2818. Where other misting companies charge you hefty fees for installation, Rapid Cool misting systems are designed for easy installation by the customer saving you money.

Does Rapid Cool provide misting systems for small and large venues?
Having been in the misting business for over 13 years, Rapid Cool has one of the largest in-stock inventories in the business, providing misters and water mist cooling fans. Rapid Cool has provided misting systems for individual households, restaurants, large industrial and commercial facilities, and amusement parks as well.

My house or business needs a misting system, but we are uncertain what we need. Can Rapid Cool help us figure out what is best for us?
Here at Rapid Cool, we can and will walk you through the entire process. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers determine what is best for them. Have a backyard patio that needs cooling? No problem. You have a restaurant and want to keep your customers cool but not wet under the summer sun? No problem. You need to determine how to keep customers cool in a queue line at your amusement park? No problem.

How much will my misting system cost?
Rapid Cool is determined to have the most competitive pricing around. Each customer has different needs. While other misting companies may try and sell you as much as they can, Rapid Cool is determined to help our customers purchase what they need. We will work with you to not only insure you get the best misting evaporative cooling system for your individual need, but to make sure it is the most cost effective for you. For individual pricing and quotes, please call us at 818-519-2818.

Does Rapid Cool provide a warranty on all misting systems?
Yes! Rapid Cool provides warranty on all of our systems. All of our pumps have a two year warranty. With a few exceptions, parts have a one year warranty. Our stainless steel mist line has a LIFE TIME warranty.

How can I get a mist consultation?
Most mist companies online have ordering available on the website. When we offered this option, we found it was a disservice to you, the customer. Why? Simply because most people and businesses did not know what to buy!

The problem is that the products are listed online, but the mist companies don’t take time to explain what or how much of a misting system you need. One of our clients, who is a restaurant owner, overbought misting fans and wound up with wet tables. His customers weren’t happy about getting wet.

You see, evaporative mist cooling systems work by keeping you dry if you have the right misting system that fits your needs. That’s why we offer mist consultations for you to call us toll-free at 818-519-2818. We’ll help you select the right misting system for your needs to help you cool the air by 25 degrees.

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