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How to Keep Horses Cool with Misting Systems for Stables


It is important to ensure horses are kept comfortable. Normally horses are housed in a barn in which temperatures are higher than outside. Unfortunately higher temperatures can expose the horse to such dangers as a heat stroke and a reduced ability to sweat. To avoid this potential risk, review the many misting systems for stables from Rapid Cool, which lowers temperatures in the stable and surrounding areas by as much as 20 degrees.

Keeping Horses Cool with Cooling Mist Systems for Stables

Rapid Cool misting units use high pressure and air circulating fans and mist systems to lower the temperatures in equestrian and stable areas. Cooling is important since more than half of a horses’ energy is utilized for their action. For example during hot temperatures when a horse has completed exercising and they move back inside a building with temperatures warmer than the outside, they could suffer a stroke or physical exhaustion. This can happen to virtually any healthy horse.

Horse Cooling with Cooling Misting Fans

A negative consequence to the continuous heat starts when the horse loses muscle control, which can cause potential dangers to the rider and the horse, such as severe injury or death. As a horse gets warm, they perspire in a fashion similar to how a mist-system operates that is cooled using evaporation. A horses’ ability to cool is roughly comprised of 85% of this method while the remainder uses their panting capability.

In order to cool themselves, horses will puff out warm air and preferably breathe air that is cooler than their body temperature. However this only works if the outside temperature is cooler than inside their barn. This also may indicate that they could be nearing a heat stroke or suffer exhaustion. However with cooling misting fans, their body temperature lowers by the coolness of the mist.

Ensure that your stables and equestrian facility remain comfortable during the hot summer months by using wall mountable mist fans.