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How to Beat the Heat with a Residential High Pressure Misting System


Remember when you were a kid and the only way you could “cool off” during those torrid summer months was spraying each other with a “blast” from the backyard garden hose that produced a nozzle spray so hard it could knock you over? We’ve all had that experience, and if the spray hit you in the face, well, the screaming call went out to your mother who was in the kitchen baking cookies.

The garden hose is still in the backyard but the “cooling process” has been upgraded to an evaporative misting cooling system; the cool feel of water without the garden hose blast and the yelling for your mother. Yes, outdoor fun and games is back in style without the high levels of humidity. And the high pressure misting system is not just for family use for an outdoor BBQ or dinner party, it’s a lifesaver for family pets as well as small animal farms in areas where high humidity can put the kibosh on any outdoor ideas when it’s hot.

By this time you’re probably thinking that this evaporative misting cooling system is a pretty “cool” idea, and you’re right; yet wondering how it works. Well the idea really isn’t all that new. This method of cooling has been used for centuries, and if you lived in Arizona or Nevada, you probably had what is called an “evaporative cooler” on your roof or tucked in a bedroom window. The only difference is with a residential misting system, you don’t hear the “kachunk…kachunk” noise. Technology has been upgraded where the water is forced via small pipes or hoses called static lines around the areas you want to cool. You can even run a line inside your pool or hookup outdoor cooling lines to patio awnings.

There is no question about it, people. Outside heat can turn a good summer day into a bad day, and postpone social activities by the pool or Gazebo, gardening, or a lunch on that new outdoor deck you just had installed. A high pressure misting system with the ability to evaporate and disburse millions of tiny water droplets smaller than a penny is the solution in not having to cancel any more outdoor fun and games because of the heat and humidity. If you’re interested in magically having the temperature around you drop to a comfortable level, think: “a misting cooling system.”