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Unlike the low pressure systems, our high pressure systems will keep the customer cool and dry - not even a slight mist on the table . No more wet tables or floors from the discount store misters. With our high quality stainless steel tube mist line that says "You care for your customers comfort" we will help you maximize patio seating even on the hottest days.

High pressure mist cooling breaks the water droplet into such a fine particle that it evaporates BEFORE it gets you wet. The evaporation process removes the heat in the air and lowers the temperature up to 25 degrees.

Easy installation and low cost make this a winner for your patio.

Click on the images below to check out our gallery of restaurant misters! Call Rapid Cool at 818-519-2818 or fill out the form to tell us about your patio seating. We’ll help you see how our restaurant cooling mist fans keep patrons cool and dry during the summer heat!

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