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Your patio with a mist cooling system can reduce the temperature as much as 30 degrees! The evaporation process absorbs the heat and lowers the temperature. Our stainless steel mist line is made of quality materials.

High water pressure breaks down the water molecule through atomization so fine that it ensures the flash evaporation. You can stay dry and get cool. Unlike the cheap home store plastic tubes that connect to a garden hose, and only wet you and the patio, our system will last for years.

Rapidcool mist line can be installed with a few hand tools in a few hours. So if you enjoy your outdoor patio, but not the heat, Its time to reclaim your outdoor living all summer.

Click on the images below to check out our gallery of patio misting systems! Call Rapid Cool at 818-519-2818 or fill out the form to tell us about your patio. We’ll help you see how our patio misting fans and systems create a comfort zone for your family and friends!

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