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Portable Cooling Misting Fans

Portable Misting Fans

A portable cooling misting fan helps you stay cool in the hot months of summer and is convenient because you can take it with you. You can move the cooling systems around. This provides you with the opportunity to be cool and comfortable regardless of where you are.

Variety and Experienced Staff Make Buying a Portable Cooling Misting Fan from Rapid Cool a Good Choice

At Rapid Cool, we offer a variety of cooling units for you to choose from and find one that suits your needs at an affordable price. We provide experienced staff that can help you decide which fan and how many would work for your application. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase of a portable cooling misting fan and will work with you to help you decide upon the best.

Portable Fan Misters Are Economical and Affordable

A portable cooling misting fan is an economical way that works in cooling small and large areas. A fan mister can be used indoors and out. Large oscillating fans can cool entire rooms and areas significantly. An evaporative mist indoor fan is great for those who work in hot environments and near machines that generate a lot of heat.

Evaporative Mist Indoor Fans Come in Various Sizes

Fan misters come readily available in various sizes that range from 12" to 48" and include various types of mounting that include pedestal, wall, floor, ceiling, or even being directly mounted to a machine. You can get a fixed or oscillating fan and a whole row of fans could be connected if desired.

Keeping a fan mister at a place of work increases employee productivity and the employee's morale. Properly placed fans will keep them cool, but not wet them, their work, or the surrounding areas.

Cooling fans sold by Rapid Cool are great for use indoors and outdoors for cooling residential areas, patios, and places of business. Our line of cooling systems are quality products that are effective, economical, affordable, and will keep patrons cool around the pool, outdoor restaurant, concert, Bar-be-que, and any heated environment.

Contact Rapid Cool for Help With Your Portable Fan Mister

Rapid Cool wants to make sure you order the right fan mister for your application. That’s why we offer free mist consultations. Call us at 818-519-2818 to discuss your needs. One of our expert mist consultants will help you with your selection and order.

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