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How to Cool Guests at Your Events with an Outdoor Misting Fan


An outdoor misting fan can be customized for any event to provide optimum cooling.
Since an eighteen inch misting fan covers between 125 to 150 square feet, this gives you a reasonable accurate way to estimate how many fans you’ll need for your event. On average, a breeze can be felt from as far as twenty feet away.

Setting Up a Tent with a Cooling Outdoor Misting Fan

If your event requires a cool tent for your guests, allocate one outdoor fan with misters for every twenty to twenty-five feet around your tent. If, for instance, your tent is twenty feet wide, install a single fan on one side. If the tent is larger, then set up a cool zone in more than one corner.

Use an Outdoor Fan with Misters for All Kinds Of Events

Misting fans can be used to keep your guest cool for all kinds of events. You can use fans for weddings and receptions, family gatherings, pool parties, backyard barbeques, and even local fairs, promotional ventures or sporting events.

How to Handle Extremely Hot Days with Misting Fans

While a standard mist system installation will work for most outdoor events, you may need even cooler temperatures for blistering hot days. In this case, use water misting fans. They can be used in conjunction with your installed misting system to lower the temperature by another ten degrees. This additional cooling effect occurs because the fans can move the mist around faster as well as evaporate the moisture quicker.

The best way to cool an area depends on the type of area you need to cool. For instance, a satellite misting fans complete with their pumps and their tubing kit are ideal for cooling a home patio on an unbearably hot day.

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