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How Industrial Mist Cooling Systems Are A Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacing Humidification Systems in a Warehouse


Cooling a large warehouse efficiently can present a challenge, especially cost-wise. Our services offer many different options to bring the temperature down while using low levels of energy. Our products are built with only the highest quality of parts, allowing you to keep temperature, humidity, and dust under control in your warehouse.

How Industrial Mist Cooling Systems Create Comfortable Working Environments

Installing industrial mist cooling systems will create a more comfortable environment to work in for your employees, ensure a controlled atmosphere for your equipment, and prevent temperature and humidity damage to raw materials like wood and paper. Correctly installed and adjusted misting systems can also reduce static electricity, in some cases avoiding a costly and dangerous explosion.

Industrial Misting Systems Pumps

Our industrial misting systems are powered in one of two ways: a direct drive or alternately via pulley 1000 PSI pump. These atomize water into minuscule droplets down to 10 microns. For comparison, a micron is 1/1,000,000th of a meter. It is this mist that reduces the local temperature by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

How the Misting Pumps Provide a Cooling Effect

The pump itself can be connected to any normal water supply, which is then pressurized to the 1000-PSI requirement before being forced through the system to create the desired cooling effect. Humidification is quickly becoming of critical importance in several fields, the requirements of rapid production methods and increases in the amount of heat generated by machinery, which can make the applicable indoor air quality standards difficult to maintain.

Why Misting Systems Are Cost-Effective

Often air from outside the plant is used to solve the air quality issues, but if that air is dry or cold however, this can throw off the humidity inside the plant. Existing systems are commonly unable to compensate for this. Modifying them to do so can be costly, whereas our system is intended as a more efficient replacement for the existing humidification systems.