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How an Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan Can Help Dairy Farms Prevent Production Decrease from Cows


High temperatures are never good for a dairy farm. Heat waves are dangerous for cows, as it can lead to stress driven illnesses such as pneumonia. When dairy cows are not healthy, milk production decreases by a great deal. Even just a 12 percent decrease can cause problems for the animals and the farm’s financial responsibilities.

When cows are pregnant in a heat wave, it can cause unfortunate premature births which leads to unhealthy calves. Many are not fully formed enough to survive the birthing process, let alone life on the outside. The mother cows also end up in a stressful situation that leads to other illnesses. Making use of a cooling misting fan could be a simple solution for farmers that have to deal with high temperatures.

Throughout the country, milk production has decreased due to extremely hot weather. There will be more detailed statistics and information in the coming months. Making their living areas more comfortable by the usage of an evaporative mist indoor fan could help make sure that the milk production does not go down. If it already has on your farm, then you will be able to find a solution with these products.

Dairy farms see a huge drop in production, which leads to a huge drop in profits. Where as there were farms that could provide thousands of pounds of milk, they are now sending hundreds of pounds less than that. Making use of fans that can keep the cows cool, will help aid in the insurance that their business will make a turn around.

Just like any other animals, cows do not take an interest in eating when it is hot out. If they are not eating, they are not taking in the much-needed nutrients that help aid in milk production and birthing. When there is a heat wave, these cows never catch a break. The hot days turn into hot nights, which never permit the cows to be comfortable enough to live up to the necessary standards. It wears them down over time and the livestock ends up very unhealthy.

Farms with a cooling misting fan that makes sure the cows are cool and hydrated have found that the cows are happier and healthier. It will help prevent premature births, which won’t negatively affect the amount of milk produced. A cow’s lactation comes along with being pregnant and birthing a calf. Due to the fact that the gestational period is almost as long as a human’s gestational period, a cow that has had a calf prematurely may not produce milk for an extended period of time.