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How Misting Fans for Football Games, Sidelines, and Extreme Sports Benefit Athletes


Although the seasons may be changing, heat-related illness and injury still poses a threat to autumn athletics teams located in the southwest. In the south of California, the temperature is expected to hang around 85 degrees, while Phoenix is expected to see temperatures of 90 until late October.

While most in this region may find this acceptable, even comfortable, it’s another story for athletes. They are more likely to suffer heat-related health issues in conjunction with increased heart rates and higher core body temperatures. In other areas of the nation, many athletes are already contending with winter weather and increased hypothermia risk.

Misting systems, fans and heaters made by Rapid Cool Misting Systems are an ideal way to provide optimal conditions for both players and game attendants. When temperatures soar, misting fans for football games and mist cooling for sidelines help keep everyone happier and safer. In the 1995 through 2000 football seasons, 17 athletes died of heatstroke. Many others sustained heat-related injury because it was mediated before it could result in heatstroke.

The biggest issue with strenuous physical activity in the heat is from dehydration via excess sweating. Lowering the body temperature, thereby minimizing sweating, and drinking plenty of water best prevents this. Heat-related problems are preventable when the appropriate steps are taken, such as using misting fans for extreme sports.

Cold weather can also cause problems. When overly cool, the body compensates by shivering to produce heat. Veins in the extremities contract in an attempt to keep heat in the core. Within a short time, hypothermia can develop, resulting confusion, slurred speech, unconsciousness and death. A cold athlete won’t perform optimally, but worse still, there are serious safety hazards of playing in the cold. Naturally, industrial heaters provide a perfect solution to this, for both the players and the patrons.

While major sports are coming into season this fall, it’s critical to assess the heating and cooling requirements of both fans and players. Rapid Cool Misting Systems is the foremost supplier of these systems. We provide a large selection of products and are also able to manufacture equipment to custom specifications.