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Using Water Mist Cooling Fans to Beat the Summer Heat


Circulation fans are used in homes and businesses across the country to stay cool during even the hottest of months, but they may not be the best method to use for those who really want to avoid the heat. Doctors have decided that there may be several other ways to stay cool, and that simply using a fan isn’t the best choice. Continue reading

How Patio Misting Systems are Effective Cooling for Outdoor Summer Gatherings


Patio Misting Systems

There are few activities that take advantage of beautiful days more than sitting outside on the patio with family and friends. Whether for a barbecue, a few drinks, or watching the sunset, the patio is a great location for social gatherings or family meetings. During the hotter months however, the heat that hits the patio can be unwelcome, and force the gatherers indoors, into the cool and away from any bugs. Continue reading

Using Water Misting Fans For Industrial Cooling


Anyone who has ever been stuck inside a hot, cramped, and stuffy warehouse knows exactly what it means to be tortured from the humidity. Those with industrial factory jobs are more than familiar with the strain that the heat can put on workers. This type of work environment is more than terribly uncomfortable but actually even dangerous to workers. Continue reading

How Cooling Misting Fans Work


A standard misting fan works utilizing thermal dynamics and cooling with evaporation. When placing a wet towel in front of an electric powered fan, you will see the area surrounding the towel has become much cooler. When the towel’s moisture evaporates, heat energy will depart along with the water. The misters will circulate the cooler air in the room which could be compared to a standard air conditioner. Cooling misting fans use evaporation technology to make cooling areas more efficient and effective. Continue reading

Benefits of Patio Misting Systems


There are many benefits to installing a misting system into an outdoor patio area. Not only will a patio mister help to cool temperatures down as much as 25 degrees, but a patio misting system will ensure that the patio retains a comfortable temperature throughout the entire summer season. Continue reading

Benefits of Misting Systems


Outdoor activities are an enjoyable way to pass time. Spending time with family beyond the four walls of a home, or playing outdoor games with friends is the definition of outdoor fun. But the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, and in worst cases, makes it impossible to be enthusiastic about those times that should be spent having a great time. This is when a misting system becomes the ultimate source of relief and convenience. Continue reading