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The Top 7 Benefits of Misting Fans to Cool Livestock


Like humans, animals are affected by heat stress. As temperatures get high, horses can become stressed. When horses are kept inside unventilated stalls, they become even more stressed.

A horse suffering from chronic heat stress can suffer from a weakened immune system and can become more susceptible to diseases. Heat stress can also cause reduced livestock performance.

Benefits of a Livestock Mist Cooling System

  • Reduces temperature by as much as 15 degrees Celsius
  • Creates cool, comfortable environment for animals
  • Eliminates heat stress
  • Reduces disease risk
  • Reduces pollen and dust
  • Repels various flying insects
  • Minimal water usage; economical and efficient

You can use our misting fans to cool livestock. The system uses water droplets that have been atomized. In other words, the system flash cools the stale, hot air inside of a run-in shed or barn. Rather than just moving air around, the system conditions and cools the air.

The misting system can protect livestock from weakness, muscle tremors and hypothermia. The fogging system fills the air with a fine mist. As the mist evaporates, heat is taken with it, which reduces ambient temperature and protects livestock.

If the system is designed and installed properly, it will make livestock feel cool and comfortable, and animals will never feel any amount of moisture. Outdoor animals should always have access to shade. Since they don’t restrict airflow, trees and tarps provide quality shade.

Enclosed barns and doghouses are known to get very hot, so without proper air circulation, these environments can be very dangerous. Misting fans for barns work well. A misting system can work great for a patio or barn to keep animals cool at all times of the year. Misting fans to cool livestock systems are especially useful in dry areas of the United States.

Many people who own livestock constantly move the animals around a single piece of property. In such a situation, a portable misting system can condition and cool ambient air.

If you like the concept of animal mist cooling or need misting fans for barns, Rapid Cool Misting Systems can help. We take pride in making outdoor living spaces enjoyable, and we want to make sure your animals are always comfortable and protected from heat stress.