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How an Outdoor Misting System Benefits Animals on Your Farm


With news of record-breaking temperatures, it is getting harder and harder for your pets to stay cool in the summer heat. For this reason, having an outdoor mist cooling system should be a vital part of any animal’s outdoor environment. Outdoor misting systems provide your pets with the ability to cool themselves, when needed. Every animal maintains a slightly different body temperature and water mist systems outdoor cooling, allows your pets to get a break from the heat. In the end, you will see a much happier, well-behaved pet. Continue reading

Invest in Your Guests with Golf Course Cooling Misting Fans


Cooling your golf course to an enjoyable level will make golfers happy, stay longer, and tell their associates. Select misting from a high-pressure system for unwinding to a calming outdoor environment, surrounding the clubhouse, or position misting fans around areas of practice for an enjoyable experience. Your golf clients will spread the word and keep returning to your facility! Continue reading

Increase Your Employees’ Productivity With A Mist Cooling System


Investing in cooling your warehouse may be one of the smartest things you can do to improve employee efficiency. In a recent study, NASA found that the temperature difference of just 15 degrees had a drastic affect on the productivity of workers. While working in a 75-degree environment, study participants were 29% more efficient, and their accuracy improved by 300% when compared to those working in a 90-degree environment. Continue reading

Steps to a Cooler Summer with Patio Misting Fans and Tips


The patio is always the best place to have summer events such as barbecuing, family gatherings, birthdays, and much more. However, there is one negative result in spending time on the patio. The blistering heat can ruin any event or party if the guests are pouring sweat. Nobody finds enjoyment in spending time on the patio sweating and overheating. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also could be a hazard to your health. Whether you are attempting to build a new patio or simply want to improve the current one, misting systems can make a huge difference on the patio this summer. Continue reading

How Patio Misting Fans Cool the Air with Evaporative Mist Technology


Lately, there has been a lot of news about global warming. Unfortunately, it seems that global warming and its consequences are a reality people now need to prepare for. The most noticeable side effect of global warming is that temperatures are going to continue to rise, even during the winter months. While that hasn’t happened yet, you will want to take proper precautions to make sure that you stay cool during the summer. Continue reading