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Horses Love Cooling Mist Fans

Horses love mist cooling in the barn or around the farm, arena, stables, or wherever you keep your horse. With temperatures of 100 and above across the nation in the hotter summer months, horses can cool off easily in front of cooling mist fans. You can place them in the shade, along the fence line, on top of the gate, and even in the stall. Hot horses will gather around the mist cooling fans and plant themselves there to cool off. You will likely find them there each time you go to check in on them.

The fan misters help keep flies off the horses as well as cool the air by as much as 20 degrees. It truly is a noticeable difference for horse owners. Plus, cooling mist fans do not get the horses wet.

How Cooling Mist Fans Keep Horses Cool

They spray a light misting that cools the horses and the air around them. With technology called flash evaporation, the mist evaporates on contact, leaving no trace of wetness. You can even walk through the cooling mist fans and not get a drop of water on your clothes.

Outdoor Fans with Misters Make a Huge Difference

Outdoor fans with misters make a huge difference for keeping your horses cool when the heat is on and humidity is in the air. Areas with dry air will benefit from mist cooling fans to help horses relax in the cooler air.

Evaporative Misting Technology Will Keep Horses Cool, But Not Wet

If you have been hosing horses off in the stall, you could increase their chances of overheating. Farmers have found that damp cows have a tendency to overheat more when they are wet and in covered stalls and shaded locations. With misting fans, the light mist will cool while keeping horses dry.

We want to help you get the right system for the right price. That is why our expert mist cooling representatives are trained in helping you find the right system to help you with your horse cooling needs.

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