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It is essential to keep your horse or livestock cool during the hot summer months. High temperatures combined with humidity can create an environment that is not easy for livestock and horses to cool down in. By using barn cooling mist fans and wall mountable mist fans, you can help your livestock cool down and create the ideal conditions for their environment to increase profit.

How Do Barn Cooling Mist Fans Benefit Me and My Livestock and Horses?

In a recent study, livestock did not grow nearly as fast when conditions were hot and humid as they did when the conditions helped them maintain regular body temperature. In a University of Kentucky study, swine growth increased by 10-20% rates for weight gain. When cooling livestock, these results led to an increase in profit in less time to sell on the market.

How Do Our Wall Mountable Misting Fans Benefit Cows?

The problem about dairy facility cooling is usually that workers cool the cows by hosing them off. While this does improve production of milk, it also causes unsuitable environments in some areas within the facility. Instead of creating a wet environment, you can use flash evaporation through our wall mountable misting fans.

Flash evaporation works through misting by creating a fine particle of water that cools and evaporates on contact. This keeps your cows cooled, but does not get them wet. Flash evaporation through our wall mountable misting fans will cool the air by 35 degrees, providing your cows with comfort with no wetness.

Dairy Mist Cooling Benefits:

There are many benefits to cooling your cows with misting systems.

The benefits include:

  • Help cows lie down in the free stalls more often
  • Cows use more energy for milk production instead of cooling their body
  • Rates of conversion for feed are increased
  • Production of milk increases by up to 6 pounds per day with each cow

How Mist Cooling Systems Provide a Cooler Environment for Workers

In addition to cooling your livestock with mist cooling systems, workers also receive benefit from the cooler climate. Hot environments have the potential to cause harmful conditions for employees that, if not aware of the dangers, could lead to severe health conditions.

With mist cooling systems for barns, the air is cooled up to 35 degrees. This leads to a more productive working environment that can help your workers be more effective.

How You Benefit from Using Mist Cooling Fans for Livestock Cooling

Mist cooling fans for livestock cooling does not just blow the heat around the room or cool a small portion of air. Instead, it creates an environment of cool air that your livestock can thrive in.

Our fans come in a variety of sizes from 12 to 48 inches. We can provide mounting that includes pedestal, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted. With portable mist cooling, you can cool your livestock outside as well as inside.

Instead of trying conventional cooling methods, mist cooling systems for livestock cooling will pay for itself with the increase in milk production for cows and weight gain for other animals. Considering the increase in production will provide a greater return per animal, you would see a huge increase in return from the investment. Depending on overall operating cost, the investment in mist cooling fans or misting cooling system for livestock would take a short amount of time to generate profit.

How Rapid Cool Helps You with Your Misting Cooling for Livestock

We have seen many dairy and livestock owners try to pick out their own system before only to buy too much or not enough for their needs. We want to help you get the right system for the right price. That is why our expert mist cooling representatives are trained in helping you find the right system to help you with your livestock misting needs.

Call us at 818-519-2818 toll-free to discuss your livestock cooling needs and we will help you find the right set up for you.

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