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How Industrial Misting Systems Affordably Control Dust and Odor


Controlling dust and unpleasant odors is often a big issue in industrial settings. One of the most affordable and reliable methods available to deal with both issues is the installation of a high pressure misting system. Many newer industrial facilities are already being designed to incorporate the benefits of a dust control misting system or fog system, and the usefulness of the technology has influenced many existing facilities to adopt misting in their existing operations.

Although dust control misting systems have become the norm in the solid waste treatment industry, there are many other industries that could benefit from adopting this emerging technology. Any company that works in an area that can generate highly offensive odors or dust, such as manufacturing, construction, working with animals, recycling, processing garbage, or dealing with left over grease or other pungent items related to food production, should seriously consider the many benefits a well-designed misting system can provide.

Industrial misting systems can control dust particles that are so small they are not even visible to the human eye, making it easy for companies to comply with the EPA’s standards for the suppression of dust. High pressure misting systems can be customized to meet the varying and unique needs of different industries, and systems can even be set up to operate at pre-programmed times. Misting systems also require less maintenance than older dust control methods, and they can be designed to infuse the generated mist with industry specific chemical additives to mask or eliminate environmental odors.

High pressure misting systems are continuing to gain in popularity, and many industrial facilities are taking the necessary steps to replace traditionally available dust control methods, such as air injection, with more efficient and cost effective industrial misting systems. An industrial misting system has become the clear choice for companies looking for an adaptable, affordable, and effective solution to their odor and dust control needs.