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Rapid Cool Provides Quality Misting Systems for Long Life and Trouble-Free Operation

Misting systems have proven to be more effective than conventional methods for cooling outdoor locations like a patio, green house, restaurant patio, or dining area.

Cooling mist fans can increase productivity and employee morale in hot indoor or outdoor industrial working conditions.

The concept incorporates water and heat to provide cooling through "flash evaporation." Specially designed mist nozzles operate under high pressure to produce tiny water droplets reducing the surrounding air temperature. Our custom stainless steel mist line provides cooling to the area from a high-pressure pump assembly. When combined with mist nozzles, evaporative mist cooling systems can achieve maximum cooling without wetness or residual moisture.

Misting systems can also provide a dynamic visual effect to any indoor or outdoor residential, patio, or commercial location. Rapid Cool offers one of the largest selections of evaporative mist cooling systems, mist fans, and components on the market for residential or commercial use.

Whether you need one of our portable misting fans or a complete misting system, Rapid Cool can handle most any indoor or outdoor residential, patio, green house, industrial, or commercial application.

We want to help you design the best misting system to meet your needs. Other companies offer products online just to sell you something right away, but don’t explain how to choose the right product for your needs. If you buy too much, you wind up getting wet! That’s why we are here to help you order the right evaporative mist cooling system the first time you call.


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