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Increase Your Employees’ Productivity With A Mist Cooling System


Investing in cooling your warehouse may be one of the smartest things you can do to improve employee efficiency. In a recent study, NASA found that the temperature difference of just 15 degrees had a drastic affect on the productivity of workers. While working in a 75-degree environment, study participants were 29% more efficient, and their accuracy improved by 300% when compared to those working in a 90-degree environment.

With more efficiency, employees take fewer breaks, higher efficiency and better attitudes. By simply cooling your work area, employees will increase production drastically, and the risk of heat-related injuries diminishes significantly.

Industrial Misting Options Available

There are many options available to cool your warehouse, including industrial misting fans, evaporative coolers and complete misting systems. Depending on your needs, you can easily decide on a perfect fit.

Are you simply looking to cool certain areas? Evaporative coolers would work perfectly.

Do you have a large area or the entire warehouse to cool? Industrial mist cooling systems or several misting fans would easily do the job.

Planning for your cooling needs will keep costs down and make choosing the right system easy.

Misting fans work in an efficient way. Through the use of a high-pressure ring, cool water is introduced to the face of the fan and instantly spread across the area. This ingenious design can increase the effectiveness of a simple fan and cool the warehouse by up to 35 degrees. If placed correctly, a couple fans can control the climate of up to 3000 square feet.

Evaporative coolers work great when cooling smaller areas. Good designs incorporate oscillation to cool a larger area. These cooling systems are best used in warehouse areas of 500 square foot or less.

Misting systems are perfect for limiting the influx of warm air at openings such as loading docks or doors. The basic idea is to create a barrier of mist that limits hot air from getting in.

Regardless of the cooling system you choose, the benefits of controlling climate in a warehouse is obvious. An investment in industrial misting fans, evaporative coolers, or industrial mist cooling systems will pay dividends by increasing the productivity of your employees.

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