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Invest in Your Guests with Golf Course Cooling Misting Fans


Cooling your golf course to an enjoyable level will make golfers happy, stay longer, and tell their associates. Select misting from a high-pressure system for unwinding to a calming outdoor environment, surrounding the clubhouse, or position misting fans around areas of practice for an enjoyable experience. Your golf clients will spread the word and keep returning to your facility!

An Outdoor Fan with Mister Adds to the First-Class Presentation

Use misting structures and outdoor fan with mister in each putting green to give your guests a wonderful stay. For golfing achievement, a golfer needs to put in hours of practice. They will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually on instructions, range balls, and even more in the clubhouse after practice sessions. They will choose your establishment if you treat them well enough, and you gain more back than your cooling investment. Cooling your golf course gives you the main advantage, especially if you also furnish your golf range with golf carts that cool.

Treat your clients with top-notch accommodation of a retreat and benefit from the rewards!

Golfers assume high-class treatment. A club that generously provides for the convenience of their guests will form a prominence for luxuries. A cooling misting fan or investment in cooling machinery could be your chance to stand out from your competition, and turn popular impressions your way. Cool the surrounding air more than 35° with high-pressure misting, where your clients will feel refreshingly cool on a 100° day. Take your services to the next step.

Contact Rapid Cool for Help With Cooling Misting Fans

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