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Benefits of Patio Misting Systems


There are many benefits to installing a misting system into an outdoor patio area. Not only will a patio mister help to cool temperatures down as much as 25 degrees, but a patio misting system will ensure that the patio retains a comfortable temperature throughout the entire summer season.

When choosing a patio misting system, there are three basic types that may be installed. There is the high pressure, mid pressure and low pressure system. While each system mists a patio efficiently, the varying pressures determine the wetness of mist that will be emitted. Typically the system is comprised of the water line, the high pressure pump and the mister nozzles. The cooling method of the misters is accomplished by forcing water through the precise nozzle heads to flash evaporate the water and convert it into a cooling mist. The size of the mist droplet is much smaller with high pressure misting, therefore all the mist will evaporate.

Besides cooling the air, the mist is also capable of helping to control pollen, dust and other allergens that might be in the surrounding area. This will help to reduce allergy symptoms that may be present in the air and system may also be used as an insect repellant for those irritating flying insects.

It is also important for the person to choose the right misting system when deciding which type to install. Misting systems that operate at 1,000 psi are generally ideal for most residential applications. The high pressure will evaporate and take heat out of the air.