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Benefits of Misting Systems


Outdoor activities are an enjoyable way to pass time. Spending time with family beyond the four walls of a home, or playing outdoor games with friends is the definition of outdoor fun. But the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, and in worst cases, makes it impossible to be enthusiastic about those times that should be spent having a great time. This is when a misting system becomes the ultimate source of relief and convenience.

Misting systems spray mist in ultra fine droplets. Misting systems can cool off different areas, porches and patios, as well as decks and areas surrounding pools.

For every pound of water that is evaporated in the air, 1100 Btu of heat is used out of the air. When heat is removed from the air it becomes cooler. This will cool the air up to 25 degrees

1. Heat Reduction – As mentioned above, by 25 degrees
2. Natural Flying Insect Repellant – Clears dust mites, smoke, and pollen as well

When misting fans are placed in enclosed environments such as green houses, its ability to increase humidity levels benefits the plants, while its cooling effect can be felt throughout the entire area. These cooling systems can also be used in specialty stores that need to keep their items fresh for purchase. Misting equipment makes the shopping experience in product vendors located outdoors, comfortable and refreshing, as it adds air conditioning to the environment.

The foundation of misting fans is supported by the phenomenon of evaporative cooling and evaporative thermal dynamics. In turn, the air is cooled as the water evaporates, thereby reducing the heat in the air. Misting fans efficiency is created on the basis of these principles.

Mister systems start with water, in which high pressure pumps are utilized to increase water pressure. The nozzle openings in the system are tiny, which accounts for the ultra fine mist that comes out in a spray. This results in microscopic droplets of water. The mist of water would travel around the surrounding area, evaporating as soon as it absorbs the heat and warmth of the air, and in turn, the temperature cools down. The system has great reach and can cool off a significant amount of area.