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How Cooling Misting Fans Work


A standard misting fan works utilizing thermal dynamics and cooling with evaporation. When placing a wet towel in front of an electric powered fan, you will see the area surrounding the towel has become much cooler. When the towel’s moisture evaporates, heat energy will depart along with the water. The misters will circulate the cooler air in the room which could be compared to a standard air conditioner. Cooling misting fans use evaporation technology to make cooling areas more efficient and effective.

This technology begins with water. High pressure pumps need to generate enough water to create pressure that will reach 1000 pounds per square inch, or PSI. Small nozzle openings will reduce the amount of outbound water and create micro sized drops. The entire action will create a mist which is very thin. The mist will evaporate very quickly when it makes contact with the warm air and sun. The water droplets will pull heat energy with them and the temperature will then drop. Electric fans are used to blow the really cool air and mist many yards away.

Cooling misting fans create a mist that has minimal moisture and evaporates when it touches a surface, when the right set up is purchased. It often feels the same as when you stand outside on a foggy morning and feel the coolness on your skin. Although the mist will not register on human skin, the vapor created may build up on cold surfaces. Only people standing less than 6 inches from the water nozzle may feel wet. The supply of water from cooling misting fans is usually filtered for impurities. Usually, only about one to two gallons of water is used per hour.