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How Patio Misting Systems are Effective Cooling for Outdoor Summer Gatherings


Patio Misting Systems

There are few activities that take advantage of beautiful days more than sitting outside on the patio with family and friends. Whether for a barbecue, a few drinks, or watching the sunset, the patio is a great location for social gatherings or family meetings. During the hotter months however, the heat that hits the patio can be unwelcome, and force the gatherers indoors, into the cool and away from any bugs.

It is often believed that a patio mister is a luxury, something that the average homeowner could never hope to afford. While such a belief may have been correct in bygone days, now it is simply untrue. With the lifestyle of current homeowners allowing them to enjoy their off time by relaxing in their own backyards, a mister is now a brilliant investment.

A patio misting system is a very effective cooling innovation that works by producing a very fine mist. The water helps cool those that are located in the range of the mister, and keeps the temperature to a bearable degree, no matter how hot the day is. This is especially useful for the homeowner that has chosen to spend most of their off time outside, and has invested in outdoor furniture for their backyard or patio.

These systems are even amazing at keeping their areas free of all manner of annoyances, from bugs to dust. The water that is made by the mister will stick to an insect, rendering it immobile. Bugs such as bees, hornets, mosquitoes, and flies will be unable to get into any area that is protected by a mist system. The mist will also help keep an area free of bothersome pollutants like dust and smoke.

Patio misters are usually available in three major varieties, low, medium, or high pressure. Low pressure means that the mister will run off of the house’s standard water pressure, while medium and high use stronger pumps. For example, a medium pressure mister will use around 160 psi, while a high pressure would use a much stronger 1000 psi pump.

Misting systems are amazing additions to any homeowner’s patio. Of course, they are not limited to homes. The stronger systems can be used for industrial needs, as their stronger pumps allow them to be used for heat reduction, protection against frost, keeping areas free of dust, filtering area that would otherwise remain stagnant, and for fire and smoke control.