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Using Water Misting Fans For Industrial Cooling


Anyone who has ever been stuck inside a hot, cramped, and stuffy warehouse knows exactly what it means to be tortured from the humidity. Those with industrial factory jobs are more than familiar with the strain that the heat can put on workers. This type of work environment is more than terribly uncomfortable but actually even dangerous to workers.

These types of conditions are what leads to heat strokes and it happens more often than people think. Employers who are responsible and care about their workers take the steps necessary for ensuring their employees’ health comes first. A good employer will always create a safe and comfortable working environment for their workers.

One way to beat the heat so to speak is to utilize a water misting fan for industrial mist cooling. This is the type of fan that works by the same process as ‘evaporative cooling’. It is quite effective and can lower the heat and humidity a full 35 degrees.

The way industrial mist cooling and misting fans work is very similar to using an evaporative cooler. They begin their work by increasing the moisture or humidity within a specific area or room. The fan will blow a fine mist into the immediate area designated to be cooled. The moisture will then evaporate and as it does so it absorbs the heat out of the air. This in turn cools the area down. The more hot and humid the area the faster this evaporation takes place. This sort of ‘energy exchange’ process enables the fans to cool even quicker.

Water misting fans are great as industrial coolers in either dry or humid environments. The drier the air is the more mist the fans will spray to create the humidity necessary for a quick cooling action. There are misting nozzles on each fan that are like a small tiny orifice. They drop such small water droplets that they evaporate almost immediately once the breeze from the fan hits them.

A water misting fan is also as usable outside as it is inside. Many large industrial facilities have seen their benefits and utilize them for their employees. They are used by both residential and commercial clients for cooling outdoor restaurants, patios, greenhouses, worksites, and some sporting events. They are great for holding down dust and even repelling odors and keeping insects at bay. These fans can get the job done if you need to beat the heat on a very hot and humid day.