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The Benefits of Using High Pressure Water Pump Misters to Cool the Air


In order to manage temperature in various applications and environments, a device called a high-pressure mist pump has become commonly used in many places. The purpose of this mist pump, which is part of an evaporative mist cooling system, is to decrease the area’s temperature by using the ‘flash evaporation’ method, which works by forming a mist through releasing tiny water droplets into the air. Continue reading

Restaurant Misters Keep Patrons Cool and Coming Back for More!


Restaurants that offer outdoor seating, such as a patio or sidewalk tables, no doubt notice the benefits that restaurant misters can bring to business during the warm months. Dining outdoors on a pleasant afternoon is an experience that can hardly be rivaled, and increasing outdoor seating capacity is beneficial for any restaurant. Continue reading

How to Control the Outdoor Heat with an Outdoor Mist Cooling System


Back yard burgers and barbeques, fish fry happenings on the lawn, lemonade coolers on the deck or just loafing and lounging near the front lawn’s bushes, outdoor fun can be a welcomed reward after winter’s confinement and indoor activities. All’s well and good when the sunshine’s great, but high humidity can propel a heading for the hills, or rather heading for the indoors and the controlled cool down of air-conditioning. Continue reading

What Misting Cooling Systems Bring to Your Family’s Comfort During Rising Temperatures


If you reside in a temperate zone, the summer months can be sweltering and you might find yourself spending a lot of free time inside trying to ride out the ever-rising temperatures. Using the average fan or ventilation system leaves you with a whole lot of hot air circulating through your house. Before you decide to avoid sunshine, we’ve got an alternative for you. Continue reading

Top 2 Main Reasons to Buy Water Mist Systems for Aeroponics


In researching the latest developments for Aeroponics, I learned from Aeroponics DIY some information that you may find helpful if you want to build a misting system. Aeroponics DIY explained that in an aeroponic system, the roots of the plants are misted with nutrients within a growing chamber. Evaporative mist cooling systems enable plants to grow faster, roots to become healthier and growers to produce higher yields. Continue reading