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How to Design the Perfect Mist Fogging System for Your Cooling Needs Indoors or Outdoors


Stay cool on hot days with a high-pressure water pump for misting systems. These systems will continue working for many years without any problems. They are effective indoors or outdoors, in dining rooms, on patios, in green houses and more.

How Do High Pressure Mist Pumps Work?

These systems use a water pump with high pressure and a mist nozzle to spray tiny water droplets over a designated area. The fan sprays out 5 – 6 feet, which cools the temperature about 25 degrees while drying the air.

Our mist fogging systems at Rapid Cool are designed to be perfect for your needs. You can find portable systems and even complete misting systems that come with mist nozzles and stainless steel mist lines. Evaporative mist cooling systems are installed much like a sprinkler system. Depending on what you prefer, you can have them installed to the wall, floor, or plug them in as a pedestal fan, position where you want it and start enjoying a cooler environment right away.

Keep Pets Cool with Misting Systems

If you are a pet owner, these systems will also conveniently keep your pets nice and cool. Zoo exhibits and restaurants use these systems to keep the animals comfortable and to create a misting effect that becomes its own attraction. These systems are also used for livestock on farms.

Advancements in Misting

Technological advancements have made it possible for misting and fogging systems to continue improving. Over time, the industry began using higher quality materials, improved on power usage control, and added more control capabilities, which have made the systems much better. When choosing a system, keep in mind that not all pumps are created in the same way.

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Rapid Cool has skillfully made a line of high quality misting and fog systems that have control options that are sophisticated and produce many different fog and misting effects. The application options are truly only limited by the imagination. Ready to let us help you design the perfect system for your needs? Call us at 661-775-9800.