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Restaurant Misters Keep Patrons Cool and Coming Back for More!


Restaurants that offer outdoor seating, such as a patio or sidewalk tables, no doubt notice the benefits that restaurant misters can bring to business during the warm months. Dining outdoors on a pleasant afternoon is an experience that can hardly be rivaled, and increasing outdoor seating capacity is beneficial for any restaurant.

Besides the tables themselves drawing in customers who wish to experience outdoor dining, customers that are seated outdoors may in turn draw in more curious patrons who want to check out the venue. Pair outdoor dining options with enticing happy hour offerings and any restaurant owner recognizes the potential for success!

However, patio dining can present its own challenges. When a restaurant offers outdoor seating, the owner and manager need to take into account the weather, noise level, temperature control, and insect presence. Adapting to changing weather is especially important; patio umbrellas may be able to offer relief from very light rain or harsh sun, but unfortunately extreme weather conditions can make these umbrellas all but useless.

Luckily, there are other options for business owners that want to offer a pleasant outdoor dining experience to their patrons. To combat pouring rain or especially harsh sunlight, retractable awnings are always an option. However, for restaurants that deal with unpleasant heat during the summer months, another option is investing in an outdoor fan with mister.

Restaurant cooling mist fans cool the air through evaporation. A light mist (usually only about 1,000 PSI) is sprayed, and as the water evaporates, the air in the vicinity is cooled. While some restaurant owners may be wary of spraying patrons with water, when used properly, the misting system provides merely a pleasant, cool atmosphere and will not leave diners feeling as though they have been doused. Rather, properly functioning restaurant cooling mist fans create flash evaporation that does not leave residual moisture.

Restaurant misters can be a valuable asset to companies who wish to keep outdoor diners cool, even during the warmest months. In fact, patrons who know that a patio area will stay pleasant no matter how hot it is out are even more likely to return to enjoy the experience again. Make the most of the warm, sunny months by investing in a restaurant mister that will keep diners coming back time and time again.