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How to Control the Outdoor Heat with an Outdoor Mist Cooling System


Back yard burgers and barbeques, fish fry happenings on the lawn, lemonade coolers on the deck or just loafing and lounging near the front lawn’s bushes, outdoor fun can be a welcomed reward after winter’s confinement and indoor activities. All’s well and good when the sunshine’s great, but high humidity can propel a heading for the hills, or rather heading for the indoors and the controlled cool down of air-conditioning.

Control the Climate with an Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Good news! Outdoor climate can be controlled with a misting system that changes unpleasantly hot and humid surroundings into cooler and comfortable areas for outdoor enjoyment.

Residential misting systems operate utilizing water that is pressured and then changed into tiny droplets of mist when forced through a nozzle specifically designed to produce mist. Cooling occurs as the mist evaporates. This cooling effect can be as much a 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. With a mist system, outdoor areas can be surrounded with cooling mist for pleasure and entertaining family and friends.

How Effective are Residential Misting Systems?

A residential misting system can adequately cool an area. In addition to misting nozzles, misting fans are also available. Fans operating for mist cooling areas that are small are also portable and can be transported away from home to other outdoor occasions.

High Pressure Mist Systems Keep You Cool without Getting Wet

High pressure mist systems can produce such a fine mist they are ideal for highly humid locations. They run at a pressure level of psi equaling 800-1200. With an outdoor mist cooling system an unused area climate space can be transformed into a place of cool, relaxed, enjoyment.

There is an outdoor mist cooling system designed to assist a variety of locations and needs with water pressures ranging from low, mid-range and high pressure cooling mists.

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