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How Cooling Misting Fans Keep Athletes Cool and Reduce Student Injury and Death


The National Athletic Trainers’ Association has recently announced some alarming statistics about heatstroke and related problems that athletes face in hot summer months. Amateur and professional athletes in all sports are at risk of overexertion and related health problems, up to and including death.

Sports That Benefit from a Cooling Misting Fan

Track, soccer, baseball, football, and other sports that require a lot of running can benefit from a cooling misting fan that helps reduce the temperature and alleviate some risks associated with overheating.

Awareness for Students and Athletic Trainers

While the Association has advocated awareness for students and athletic trainers in this area, there were eighteen deaths due to heat exhaustion in the five-year period between 2005 and 2009. Far from being under control, this number has increased in the following years and ultimately continues to be a high risk for high school and college students in particular. Various temporary and permanent heat-related illnesses and conditions can be relieved by the use of a misting fan used by students and coaches.

How Misting Fans Work to Cool Athletes

Cooling misting fans work by creating a moist vapor that instantly cools overheated athletes and helps them avoid exhaustion, fatigue, and respiratory failure. The safety of the students is, of course, the most crucial element of introducing a misting fan, but coaches and trainers also have another benefit.

The fans help athletes effectively deal with the weather and be in top condition on and off the field. While the opposing team is suffering through the heat and experiencing a lack of energy, students with a cooling misting fan are refreshed and ready to take on the competition in the second half of the game.

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