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Steps to a Cooler Summer with Patio Misting Fans and Tips


The patio is always the best place to have summer events such as barbecuing, family gatherings, birthdays, and much more. However, there is one negative result in spending time on the patio. The blistering heat can ruin any event or party if the guests are pouring sweat. Nobody finds enjoyment in spending time on the patio sweating and overheating. Not only is it uncomfortable, but also could be a hazard to your health. Whether you are attempting to build a new patio or simply want to improve the current one, misting systems can make a huge difference on the patio this summer.

First, change the color of the roof of the patio. Dark colors draw UV rays increasing the heat making it hotter for those under the patio roof. Lighter colors such as white or a lighter yellow will reflect the UV rays beaming down from the sun and will keep it much cooler.

Next, get some extra shading for the patio. Extra shading may be provided from the house depending on where the patio is located. However, those who have patios that are not covered by the house should use plants to help with shading. Planting trees big enough to shadow the patio will keep temperatures down to a much cooler level. Due to the sun being in both the East and the West of the sky, plants should be planted accordingly.

The next step is to add in a misting system. Fans are a great way to keep guests cool, but during the hottest days it may not be enough. Having patio misting systems can really decrease the heat under the patio. Water mist systems outdoor cooling kits can be purchased online. However, these must be installed. For those who prefer not to hire someone to install it and don’t know how to themselves, portable misting fans can be a great alternative. Ceiling fans can be used as patio misting fans as well.

Another issue guests may find is pests such as flies. This can really be a problem for those who are serving food to guests. Screens and shades can make a huge improvement on any patio. This will insulate the cool temperatures from the fans and misting system while keeping the hot temperatures out.

Although the sun is the main heat source in the problem, grills can be too. It is best to move grills to a good distant so that heat doesn’t travel over to the patio.

As long as you follow these steps, the patio will be a place many would prefer to be rather than indoors. This could be used for residential purposes or restaurants. Otherwise, too much heat and could drive customers and guests away. Call us toll free at: